2021 Darden Diversity Conference Application

This application should take less than one (1) hour to complete and includes questions about your biographical information, academic and professional background and program/career interests.You will be asked to complete one (1) short-answer question (300 total words) and to upload a resume. The great news is that this will give you a jump-start on your Darden application. As a special incentive for Diversity Conference participants, we are pleased to create a Darden application automatically when you apply to attend the Diversity Conference. Visit our Diversity Conference page for more details.
*Please note the application cannot be started and saved for a later time, so ensure that you have your resume, short-answer question and any other necessary information ready prior to getting started.

The submission deadline is 17 September 2021 by noon EST.

Invitations for the Darden Diversity Conference will be sent on or prior to 27 September 2021.

Registration is no longer available because the registration deadline has passed.