Startup Academy

Startup Academy is an optional 1½ -day pre-matriculation program designed to help graduate students across the University of Virginia connect and collaborate around their innovative technology, product and service ideas. The goal of the Startup Academy is to give incoming students an opportunity to become quickly immersed in the entrepreneurial community at UVA, get connected to the people and resources available and build a network to help identify: 1) problems worth working on, and 2) people to help develop solutions.

Program Overview

The Startup Academy will begin on Saturday morning (10am, 12 August 2017) with introductions, a quick overview of resources at the university and begin to introduce topics to drive teams to develop and refine their ideas.  Given the short timeframe, the sessions will focus on a few topics to include customer discovery, minimum viable products and hypothesis-driven experimentation. For many people with startup ideas, the most difficult question is "Where do I start?" After the Academy, participants should not only have an understanding of the multiple ways to get started on any venture, but also be headed toward their next, most actionable steps on the idea they brought to the Academy.

Who should come?

The Startup Academy is designed for any graduate student who might consider an entrepreneurial path while in school and/or upon graduation. Whereas some students may have already begun working on a technology, product, or even launched a business, the Academy also welcomes students who do not have an idea. Regardless of background or entrepreneurial focus, anyone may participate by bringing their expertise and helping form a team around a technology or problem.

Application Process

Please answer the questions below and submit your responses by Monday, 26 June.  We will notify you by Friday, 30 June if you have been accepted in to the Startup Academy. 

The fee to participate is $50. If accepted, you will be asked to pay no later than Friday, 7 July.

If you have questions, please contact Madelyn Taylor (

Registration is no longer available because the registration capacity has been exceeded.